The Herdsman, North Cowton - The Taste of Tradition
The Herdsman, North Cowton - The Taste of Tradition


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The Taste of Tradition


The Taste of tradition, is an unrivalled dining experience, taking dining back to its heritage and our history. A seasoning of great flavour, with a twist of great produce, produces an offering of some of the most delicious and iconic British dishes, for you to enjoy, at The Herdsman.

We believe in reworking food that has been part of our heritage, food that has carried us through the ages, tradition at its best, even bringing back childhood memories.

We bring you some recipes from the 1800’s that helped our most legendary leaders strive forward, to create Great Britain as we know today.

Food has played an important part in our history and here at The Herdsman we aim to keep our traditions alive, by using the best of British produce. With our local cheeses, meat, beer & vegetables all available to be enjoyed in the traditional Yorkshire surroundings of The Herdsman.

"Nobody's perfect, but if you're from Yorkshire, you're pretty close"

Now re-designed and restored to the highest standard, rebuilt using local tradesman and British-made products, The Herdsman creates a homely, genuine Yorkshire atmosphere, to be enjoyed and savoured by all.

Enjoy the taste of tradition!

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday • 5.30pm - Late
Thursday • 11.30am - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - Late
Friday & Saturday • 11.30am - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - Late
Sunday Carvery • 12pm - 5pm. A la carte service 6pm - 11pm

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